Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Head Same Remains the Change (HSRC) is the ongoing project of Headchange Records in Long Beach CA. We work with local and regional bands to record and produce a compilation record at our recording headquarters - The Compound in Long Beach CA. We release a compilation record every year or so.

Volume Six has previously unreleased tracks by:
Perro Bravo (Featuring Miguel Happoldt of Skunk Records / Sublime on guitar/vox, Mike Long on bass and Mudd Lowther on drums).
Shave (Two classic Shave songs by two classic Shave drummers - Rob Fadtke and Scott Devours)
Headchanger (Rebel Songs by Elder D & Friends)
Forty Rod (Formerly 40 Rod Pop. Long term project by JT Tyler, Scott Obey, Gomez & Tim)
Thy Squid (Fairly new band from Long Beach - Daniel Chavez on bass, Matthew Hill on Guitar/Vox, Kai Kaner on drums)
After Shave (Cornblaster & R Scott Dibble collaboration with Deyo Glines on bass, Antoine Arvizu on drums, Amber Vander Linden on backups)

This years’ release, HSRC Volume 6, turned out to be a concept album. The 11 songs on the album tell the story of the life of a rock star named Reign. The song order follows his life from the big time (Livin in Time…No Room at the Top) through the destruction caused by fame and drugs (Crack Me Open..Feels Just Like I Remember) to a spiritual and artistic rebirth (My Fate…Make a Change), to the final stage of his musical life as a blues singer and the ultimate realization that the music he created and the life he led was for all his fans, not just himself (Time and Will).

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Thanks Dipiazzas! (Taken with Instagram)

Thanks Dipiazzas! (Taken with Instagram)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kate Upton likes to party (by Scott Perry)

Raiders prepare a full game plan for the next preseason game (by RaiderClipz)


Hope the Raiders play good this up-coming game against the Lions!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


My iphone and my blanket

Rancho Bernardo by SHAVE - Producer’s Cut - Full Resolution (by HeadchangeTV)

More Rancho Bernardo Than You Are by Shave - Live at DiPiazzas Long Beach 03/19/12 (by HeadchangeTV)

Shave, February 20, 1999 (by LongBeach BackWhen)

Playing Alcohol - with the late great Katfish!!

Headchange Records by Shave from the CD Transuniversal Worldwide (by HeadchangeTV)


I wrote this song for Headchange Records back in 02!